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About ViviSoi

ViviSoi is the culmination of what I have learned as a mother and healer, and it represents my native language, French. The first vi in ViviSoi stands for vie which means life, the second vi is for vitality and soi means both self and silk in French. 

Our mission and intention at ViviSoi is to support people in feeling comfortable and beautiful in their own skin, illuminating that inner spark of vitality that allows them to glow from the inside out.


My daughter was my inspiration and the reason behind why I started creating this line of all natural, homemade products. After Gracie was born I started to intentionally live a conscious, organic and holistic lifestyle.


I quickly came to realize Gracie had sensitive skin when after every time I gave her bath and put lotion on her she would cry in a way that let me know she was in pain. It was then that I realized the products I was putting on her brought her a lot of discomfort and often times a rash.


As a new and concerned mother, naturally I became determined to find the best solution to ease my daughter’s discomfort while still being able to nurture her sensitive skin. I went on a mission trying to find the best, most pure and safe skincare products on the market—Products that could best support, nourish her skin. A major bonus if I could find all of those things and a product that smelled amazing as well.

After a lot of searching and experimenting with different products, I was surprised, disappointed, and outraged that I couldn’t find anything suitable.  I was highly disturbed by the products I was finding on the market with their long list of ingredients, preservatives, parabens, and chemicals. 

I realized that most of my life I had been ignorantly slathering chemicals all over myself and my daughter's skin.

That’s when I realized that If I couldn't find what I was looking for and didn't trust what was out there on the shelves, then I had to create it myself. That way I could feel safe and would know exactly  what I was putting on our skin. I then became inspired, excited, and eager to learn how to create a product that would best support and nurture her skin. 


I dove into the study of aromatherapy and organics, and became swept away in fascination with the healing and therapeutic benefits found in nature that are available to all of us across our planet. These magical gifts from nature not only nurture the skin, but that can support us on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


At ViviSoi, we believe in working with the powerful and magical healing forces of nature to co-create the most pure, gentle, nurturing and luxurious cosmetic products of the highest quality. 


We create our products with a combination of loving, healing energy and intentions paired with the healing properties and benefits that are naturally present within the ingredients. We work with aromatherapy to create the most beautifully scented aromas and leave one feeling more balanced and whole. 


At ViviSoi we believe that true beauty radiates with authenticity. We believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful, vibrant, and comfortable in their own skin. 


ViviSoi’s highest intention is to illuminate and awaken that beautiful light within, to shine from the inside out and to live a life filled with vitality through each and every product we create.


Melissa Bourque Simard

Melissa Simard, Founder of ViviSoi Skincare
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