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Going Green

When I began researching, learning, and becoming aware how many toxins and chemicals are hiding out in “the everyday” skincare products I was highly disturbed!

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has reported close to 900 toxic chemicals are used in cosmetic products and skincare. The average person uses up to 9 personal care products every single day. This means we could be putting up to 126 different ingredients on ourselves on the daily.

Our skin is our bodies largest organ. It is our outer protection from the outside world. It helps regulate our body temperature, stores water, fat, and vitamins. Everything we put on or into our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream. Our skin has its own metabolism process just as our bodies do.

Many skin problems can occur from our skin not being able to process the strange chemicals contained within everyday skincare. Chemicals within the products often leads to skin clogging, dryness, dullness, eczema, rosacea and other skin issues that many people struggle with.

The skin is a reflection of our overall wellbeing. It can be very telling when we are paying attention to it. It often reflects what is occurring in our inner world. I see it as both, a mirror to our inner and outer worlds. Since it is also how we present ourselves in the world and how we are seen by the world.

We already have to deal with many uncontrollable factors in our lives that can effect not just our skin health but our overall health and sense of well-being. One thing we can control however is to learn as much as we can about safe ingredients and what it is we are purchasing to put on or in our bodies. It's true when they say, you really can't do better until you know better. The first step is becoming conscious and aware so that we can know exactly what we are putting on our skin and into our systems.


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