( High Vibrational Energy, Ritual, Crystal Energy Elixir, Purifying, Clearing, Awakening) 

A highly powered energy blend created within a sacred ritual on the equinoxes or based on other powerful moon or high powered astrological alignments. It also includes a high vibrational crystal healing elixir, that is bathed and blessed in the moonlight and energized in the sunlight. It smells incredibly refreshing and leaves one feeling replenished, energized, rebalanced, centered, serene. Best to spray to clear away negativity, lower energy, or toxins out of a room, space, person, and or objects (crystals). Perfect for high levels of tension, stress, or simply to be refreshed and replenished. 


Ingredients: Himalayan Salt ,Distilled Water Crystal Elixir, ( Elixir: Highly Attuned Healing Crystals, Moonlight, Sunlight, and Lots of Love), Absolute Rose Oil, Essential-Oils- Lavender, Tea Tree, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Sage.

Aroma Spray